The Village, Moseley

A central fixture in Birmingham's trendy district of Moseley featuring a bar, eatery and live music venue.
Brand development, digital asset creation and control over all print design, production and deployment.
  • Client
  • Suburban Inns
  • Industry
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Scope
  • Art Direction, Print, Digital
  • Year
  • 2017 - 2018
The Village Moseley Christmas Menu
The Village Moseley Jazz Poster
  • Project Introduction
  • Working with an established venue, especially one beloved by its patrons is a sensitive undertaking. Suburban Inns had already taken over the running of the venue for some time before asking me to become a part of the project, and had rebuilt it from the bottom up. The general aesthetic of the venue had been predetermined and I was required to adapt my visual approach accordingly. The mix of victoriana and hipster 'shabby chic' was a step away from my usual undertakings, but creatively it was a chance to explore my skills in different areas and some of the resulting work was a real success.
  • Project Experience
  • Adapting my art style to encompass an entirely new direction was a satisfying experience. Much of the design work that I was required to produce had to be incredibly ornate, adopting an etched, illustrative style. Balancing this detailed style with a more modern approach for use across digital and social platforms was challenging but rewarding. Time constraints were also a factor a lot of the time and involved a lot of scheduling and lead time management to ensure print deadlines were met and marketing campaigns rolled out seamlessly on all fronts.
The Village Moseley Father's Day
The Vilage Moseley Posters
The Village Idiot Can
Project Involvement

Print management was one of the major elements of The Village project and is something that dictated much of the direction of the design work. Without clear communication with the management and marketing teams to agree a coherent marketing schedule well in advance, it would not have been possible to pull off some of the more complex campaigns we successfully deployed. Although deadlines were sometimes tight I can say that the work I produced and delivered for the venue was always a success and I'm proud to have helped them through their transition period.

Brand Development

Print Design

Print Management

Digital Design

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