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The Lord Clifden is a hugely popular pub, restaurant and music venue located in the Jewellery Quarter in central Birmingham
Brand development and realisation, art direction and creative lead for all print and digital output across this venue and others in the group
  • Client
  • Urban Art Bars
  • Industry
  • Pub and Restaurant
  • Scope
  • Art Direction, Print, Digital
  • Year
  • 2010 - Present
The Lord Clifden Stupid People A Board
The Lord Clifden NYE Poster
  • Project Introduction
  • Urban Art Bars are a central figure in Birmingham's cultural nightlife landscape, and their jewel in the crown is The Lord Clifden. Famed for their unique aesthetic that marries traditional English pubs with street art, the company's venues have been a creative outlet for me as a designer for the best part of a decade. During the early stages of my design career I became involved with Urban Art Bars via my involvement with some music events hosted at The Lord Clifden. I have been their creative lead for the last eight years, responsible for all visual output in both the digital and print space. My continued work with them has been a stepping stone to a number of additional projects and client relationships.
  • Project Experience
  • In many ways The Lord Clifden has been the testing ground for much of my design work, and the company has always been keen for me to explore as many creative avenues as possible under their banner. Initially working on a campaign to campaign basis, much of the early work I completed for the venue was disparate and inconsistent in nature. As the brand developed though, so did I, and UAB, as a result of my endeavours, quickly became an ordered, recognisable identity with clear codes and conventions. In more recent times my work with the company has spread to their additional venues, and other establishments in the area have approached me to give them the 'UAB treatment'.
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Project Involvement

I have been lucky to work with a company as open-minded as UAB for as long as I have, and I feel that I would not have had the opportunity to work on such varied and creatively rich projects with anyone else. In many respects I have gained many of my career insights from my work with them, both in a design sense and also in the more practical print management sense. My work with their brands is ongoing and continues to steer me down interesting and unexpected avenues.

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