Sensory Trials

A techno record label and artist collective releasing electronic music as limited edition, vinyl-only releases
Initial brand realisation, including logo and print collateral before moving into art direction and sleeve design for vinyl releases
  • Client
  • Sensory Trials
  • Industry
  • Music
  • Scope
  • Brand, Art Direction, Print
  • Year
  • 2015 - 2017
Sensory Trials Logo
Sensory Trials Logo Texture
  • Project Introduction
  • Coming from a background in the music industry I was very pleased when a new record label based in my home town approached me to help launch their project. Although their brand of techno music was fairly niche they had a clear idea of the general aesthetic they were trying to achieve with their releases, both musically and visually. Building up a clear understanding of their target audience and designing within a genre's codes and conventions would prove to be a valuable and fulfilling experience. I was trusted with complete control over all visual aspects of the project, from initial brand identity, through to vinyl sleeve design and promotional materials.
  • Project Experience
  • Taking complete control over the visual direction of the Sensory Trials project was a very different experience from a design perspective, effectively making me the client. As a result I chose to conduct considerable research and development, consulting regularly with a small portion of music fans associated with the label's artists. Traditionally techno music has a very minimalist, utilitarian aesthetic, so from an artistic direction perspective the path was partially laid out for me. My design work attempted to marry the traditional techno aesthetic with rich textures indicative of the sensory element of the project name.
Sensory Trials Paste Up Campaign
Sensory Trials Releases
Sensory Trials Paste Up Poster
Sensory Trials Release One Front
Sensory Trials Release One Reverse
Project Involvement

Beyond the usual logo and typographic direction of the project I was keen to use photography as the main visual vehicle of the record label. Collaborating with a photographer on several shoots I wanted to use unusual textures and bring a tactility to the record sleeves. The results of two shoots in North Wales, coupled with design styles I had developed as a result of my research culminated in a number of successful releases, all of which sold out almost instantaneously at release.

Brand Realisation

Art Direction

Print Design

Digital Design

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