Mirror Pavilion

Mirror Pavilion is a clothing brand producing timed edition t-shirts and accessories using sustainable production techniques
As one half of a partnership I managed the project, controlled all creative output, built the online store and performed day to day operations.
  • Client
  • Self-Directed
  • Industry
  • Clothing
  • Scope
  • Design, Development, Operations
  • Year
  • 2014 - 2018
Mirror Pavilion Eliade T-Shirt Close Up
Mirror Pavilion Packaging
  • Project Introduction
  • The brand Mirror Pavilion was the result of my experimentations with screen printing techniques. I had wanted to better understand the screen printing method so had taken lessons to gain some hands-on experience. After discussions with a fellow creative also interested in the method we decided to set up a small clothing label to test the waters. We partnered with a manufacturer called Rapanui to produce a line of eco-friendly apparel and released a number of 'timed edition' t-shirts initially via a customised Shopify ecommerce site, before moving to a dropship sales method with Everpress on later editions. We offered high quality sustainable garments, supplied in unconventional packaging, all designed by me.
  • Project Experience
  • Being able to apply myself as a designer in a totally new arena was a welcome experience that taught me a lot of practical techniques that would serve me well in my day to day work. Learning about the limitations of screen print and how to push those limitations yielded some amazing results. Operating a Shopify ecommerce site also taught me a lot, especially when it came to customisation and deployment of plug-ins that catered for the timed edition element of Mirror Pavilion. Finally the design and logistical challenges presented by my adventurous packaging concepts, whilst difficult to achieve, resulted in a suite of products that gave me great satisfaction - especially when each product achieved its sales target.
Mirror Pavilion Edition One T-Shirt
Mirror Pavilion Enamel Mug
Mirror Pavilion Eliade T-Shirt
Mirror Pavilion Shopify Website
Mirror Pavilion Acid Casual T-Shirt
Mirror Pavilion Eco Bag
Project Involvement

Nothing beats practical learning and the Mirror Pavilion project was in many ways a baptism of fire. From the outside the project always appeared to be running smoothly, but was often fraught with problems behind the scenes - usually within the supply chain - but out of my control. Remaining calm and having the ability to maneouvre quickly was the biggest takeaway from a developmental point of view, especially with the project being self-financed. Being able to say that I am completely satisfied with the outcome of the project after the fact though is a fact that I hold dear.

Art Direction

Brand Realisation

Print Design

Web Development, Deployment and Operations

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