Harkive is an annual, online music research project founded by popular music research fellow Craig Hamilton
The project required a full brand realisation, including research and development, followed by supply of all print and digital assets.
  • Client
  • Harkive.org
  • Industry
  • Academic
  • Scope
  • Brand, Print, Digital
  • Year
  • 2014
Harkive Full Colour Logo
Harkive Black and White Logo
  • Project Introduction
  • Over a number of years Harkive has been collecting data from people around the world about how, where and why they listen to music. On a single day each year harkive.org gathers stories from music fans to create a unique snapshot of the many listening cultures, practices and habits that exist on that day. So far the project has gathered over 10,000 stories in the hope that the results of the analysis will develop into a useful, informative and interesting resource for popular music studies. I was approached by Craig Hamilton, head of the study, during the second year to create a robust identity for a project that had quickly, and unexpectedly taken off.
  • Project Experience
  • Occasionally a project comes along that ticks all of the boxes. Harkive was one such story. I am always excited when my creative passions get to collide, so being able to undertake a design problem that fell into the music category was always going to be a joy for me to work on following my own academic studies in the field. Harkive had grown exponentially in its first year and needed a smart and robust identity to cope with its new found audience, and one that encapsulated the project's intentions in a single snapshot. I was tasked with creating a brand that could straddle the cool, image conscious music press, whilst remaining restrained and understated enough for academia.
Harkive Flyer
Data Visualisation
Harkive Business Cards
Harkive Data Visualisation Two
Project Involvement

I developed a simple, restrained brand identity that utilised a flat design aesthetic, relying on a simple geometric representation of a stack of vinyl records that doubled as a padlock to play on the 'archive' element of the name. Uncomplicated typography gives the logo and its accompanying assets a timeless feel so that it could be used in subsequent studies going forward. Harkive has continued to grow each year and the brand has become a central part of Harkive Day each summer.

Research and Development

Brand Realisation

Print Design

Digital Design

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