The Habaneros food truck - or Habvan as it is known by locals - is one of Birmingham's most popular street food vendors
Brand development and realisation, art direction and all print design and digital output through launch and continued operation
  • Client
  • Habaneros
  • Industry
  • Street Food
  • Scope
  • Brand Realisation, Print, Digital
  • Year
  • 2010 - Present
Habaneros Hot Sauce Bottle
  • Project Introduction
  • Habaneros were one of my very first clients and I have maintained a great working relationship with them for the best part of a decade. It is undeniable that the street food revolution has been a major force in Birmingham's culinary landscape in recent years, with the infamous Digbeth Dining Club at the heart of it. So to be involved with one of my home city's central fixtures of the scene has been a source of great pride. What started out as two friends and a gazebo has grown into multiple food vans, an office catering business, a wedding catering business, a series of exclusive restaurant pop-ups and even a (very) hot sauce!
  • Project Experience
  • The early days of Habaneros involved nothing more than developing a robust, playful identity that relied heavily on Mexican design influences. As the brand moved beyond menu and print collateral design, greater challenges presented themselves. Not least of which was their famous food truck which sits to this day in a prime position in the centre of Birmingham, flanked by an eternal queue of hungry customers waiting patiently for one of their famous burritos. Outside of the Mexican street food I have also been on hand to develop additional identities for them, ranging from health conscious vegan office platters, to full on mobile hog roasts.
Habaneros Horse Box
Habaneros Pop Up Poster
Pork Store Banner
Project Involvement

In many ways I have grown as a designer alongside Habaneros, and they have always been keen to go through the design process with me as a part of their ideation. Each new project brings new avenues to explore and I enjoy the creative freedom projects like this one often facilitate. Although it is relatively small in terms of scale and impact, there is no less value in what can be learned and achieved by undertaking this type of work.

Brand Realisation

Print Design

Print Management


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