Gelpacks Direct

One of the UK's leading suppliers of hot and cold therapy packs, Gelpacks Direct has grown to be a major force in the health and fitness sector
My involvement included a complete brand redesign, covering new logos, art direction, packaging design and digital asset generation
  • Client
  • Gelpacks Direct
  • Industry
  • Health and Fitness
  • Scope
  • Brand, Print, Digital
  • Year
  • 2018 - Present
Gelpacks Old Logo
Gelpacks New Logo
  • Project Introduction
  • Although Gelpacks Direct was still a relatively young company, only established in 2014, when they approached me they were keen to reinvent themselves from the ground up. Building on their early success it was clear that they were in need of an identity that would elevate them from start-up status to a trusted brand that could sit naturally within the competitive health and fitness market. The project required much more than a simple logo redesign and Gelpacks were very receptive to my direction changing suggestions, allowing me to run freely into packaging redesigns, exhibition materials and digital.
  • Project Experience
  • I have been working with Gelpacks Direct for a long period of time now and we are continuing to move the brand in an upward direction. At the start of my involvement the brand were selling a fairly limited range of products via Amazon but now have a fully fledged ecommerce platform designed and built in conjunction with 470 Media. Add to this a visually unified and diversified product range and it can now be said that the brand has been imbued with a more premium feel. My relationship with the company goes from strength to strength as we continue to expand their product range together.
Gelpacks Packaging Pouch
Gelpacks Business Cards
Gelpacks Packaging Stand
Gelpacks Direct Exhibition Stand
Gelpacks Paste Up Poster
Project Involvement

There were a lot of facets to consider with the Gelpacks Direct rebrand, and whilst the client had some clear ideas initially, I recognised that they would require a certain amount of futureproofing. After a long and in-depth brand exploration and realisation period I have created an identity that can cope with a multitude of applications. This can be seen in the development of the new product range and also in the digital development completed in collaboration with the web team.

Research and Development

Brand Realisation

Print and Packaging Design

Digital Design

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