5834 is a self-directed art and print design project producing high-end minimalist print work for sale via 5834.store
Management of the entire project from project realisation and brand identity through to website development, deployment and day to day operations.
  • Client
  • Self-Directed
  • Industry
  • Print
  • Scope
  • Design, Development, Operations
  • Year
  • 2015 - Present
5834 Black Rock
5834 Close Up
  • Project Introduction
  • 5834 started out as a side project after experimenting with with some landscape photography taken during a trip to the United States and Canada. The initial intention was to create some simplistic minimalist representations of my photographs to print and hang in my studio, but I soon began experimenting with ways to reduce the images further using halftone techniques. After several years of experimentation and refinement I decided to produce a series of posters and sell them via the self-built 5834.store website.
  • Project Experience
  • As a designer I feel it is incredibly important to explore passion projects alongside the day to day client-led work. 5834 has been a chance for me to pursue an art direction that has fascinated me for a long time. Coupling my design work with some of my other interests has really ignited a special creative spark. Opting to build and operate the project's website has also given me the chance to explore other ways of creating too, resulting in something that is uncompromisingly mine and that I'm incredibly proud of.
5834 Website
5834 David Bowie
5834 Monument Valley
5834 Moraine Lake
Project Involvement

Although the project began life as something purely personal, it soon became clear that I could use the skills I had gained in my work life to develop it into something more tangible and launch it publicly. Like the artwork itself I was keen to keep the aesthetic modern and minimalist, mimicking the print design in the website build. The project has been a modest success so far and I am now working on commissioned pieces alongside the self-directed editions with a view to develop the ecommerce side of the project into something more substantial going forward.

Art Direction

Brand Realisation

Print Production

Web Development, Deployment and Operations

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