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Aaron Howes

Aaron is a graphic designer based in the UK. He works out of a small studio in the Worcestershire countryside and specialises in brand, web, and print design.

Aaron has worked in graphic design for the best part of a decade, operating his own small studio - Panama Design Co. - and teaching Visual Design in the Media at Birmingham City University. In addition, he is the lead designer at Redditch Print and New Moon FM Ltd, designs regularly for 470 Media and also runs two side projects; Mirror Pavilion and 5834.store.

His journey started when he set up his own design studio fresh off the back of a misspent youth in the music industry working as a DJ, producer and promoter, travelling extensively throughout his twenties. Realising that the rock and rave lifestyle wasn't at all glamorous and certainly wasn't going to pay the bills, Aaron utilised his contacts within the music industry to slow things down a little, change tack, and get Panama Design Co. off the ground. Initially he produced artwork for club nights, record labels, venues and festivals, but quickly found that demands for his skills were arriving from all manner of industries.

As his business grew, Aaron also found time to achieve a first class degree in Media and Communication at Birmingham City University, eventually accepting a role as part of the teaching staff. For four years he has taught Visual Design to fellow media students as a visiting lecturer whilst continuing to grow Panama Design Co. and diversifying his client base. He is interested in further teaching opportunities and places high value on being able to share his experience and design philosophies with students.

With Panama Design Co. ticking over nicely, more recently Aaron has found time to pursue a number of side projects, keeping his passion for design and the wider creative industries burning bright. A clothing label, a high-end art project, and the occasional return to music keep him creating on multiple fronts, and he is always looking for further opportunities to broaden his offerings as a designer. Living and working in the Worcestershire countryside with his wife Sarah-Jane and their husky Kerouac to keep them honest, it's just scoring the winner in the FA Cup final for Aston Villa and taking the Formula 1 World Championship that Aaron has left to achieve. Easy!

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Brand Realisation

Brand identity and strategy development, art direction, logo design and illustration

Print Design

Identity collateral, large format, signage, packaging and environmental graphics

Web Prototyping

Vapourware prototyping, digital asset generation and front end web development

App Design

Creation of fully operational vapourware prototypes and digital asset generation

UX/UI Design

Research, prototyping, front end web development and kit generation


Recording, live production, post production, editing, mixing and mastering

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